what is minimalism?

Summed up it means to declutter your life so you can focus on what is important for you and get rid of the things that are distracting you from it.

Minimalism is a mindset and not a state. you can see it as a a journey because you will probably never become >>the minimalist<<. It is a process and a way of living. The way you think about materialistic things, buying new things, your needs and your happiness.

These are my personal experiences with minimalism and from what I read and heard about. I’ve been on an on and off path with minimalism for the last two years but I got even more into it in the last few months.

what it’s not

Minimalism is definitely not about owning less than 100 things, black and white clothes and interiors or only living out of a backpack. You don’t have to get rid of all the books you love or the car you depend on.


I can focus better on what is important when I have a better overview. I mean imagine working on your computer at your desk full of clutter and your desktop is filled with files.

Now imagine working with an almost clear desktop and just the essentials you need on your desk. You’re most likely not going to distract yourself while working or studying.


To me being minimalistic with my clothes means owning what I actually wear and love. Pieces that fit my style and I feel joy wearing them. I don’t remember when was the last time I said “I have nothing to wear!” even thought I own less than before. The reason for that is that I love every piece and I can combine most of them together – kind of like a capsule wardrobe and I started to realize that I don’t need as much as I thought. Especially not the “just-in-case-pieces” for occasions that will never come or fancy dresses I wear once. There are possibilities to borrow whatever you need. Again – this is what works for me because I barely go to any weddings or huge birthday party’s.

quality over quantity

Practicing minimalism led me to look after good quality pieces that will last me a way longer while than many things for the same price and they would end up being donated or thrown away. I think people often forget the worth of a t-shirt and especially the unfair salaries for the people creating them.

feeling lighter

Getting rid of stuff is a very freeing feeling. It could get quite addicting. I remember decluttering after watching the documentary about minimalism – while being sick. I think owning just what you need, use and love makes you somehow independent. You’re not depending on what you own because it does not define you. It is about being free from thoughts like ”What is the next thing that I can buy?“ or “What else do I need?”. Less searching, less wasting time, less dept – and still less is more.

Getting away from the excessive consumerism and reminding myself what real happiness looks like and experiencing independence and freedom… you just need to try it out yourself.

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