seeing the good in the corona virus

The recent corona virus outbreak, or so called Covid-19 is familiar to all of us right now. Yes it affects us all and we are In it together.
So instead of taking part of trying to spread positivity through challenges like posting a selfie of myself and tagging other 10 women, I decided to show you a mindset, that might help you in this tough time.

I know the news are not the best, but news and media is a whole topic for itself. Let’s be real, they are usually spreading fear. People in low health conditions may or are dying from it, most small business owners can’t work for now and kindergartens, schools and universities are closed, people had trouble coming back home and we do not know when things are going to be back to normal. And will it ever be? Do we want it to?

Im glad that I still do not show any symptoms after my stay in America from Feb 9th to 29th. There was barely anybody infected but the airports gave me a weird feeling. After weeks of being home again I thought to myself I might have had the virus but it could’ve been dormant. My boyfriend Rob, friends and family however are feeling fine so I doubt that.

During the vacay I also started to understand what “when one door closes, another one opens” really ment. Rob always said that when something was not going right, for example when our car broke down during the road trip but we still got to go to Miami and had more time at home. Our bond strengthened through that as well.

So now I am applying this mindset on this current situation. We have in fact good reasons to think positive too. Since we are all in this together, people start helping each other and it shows a community feeling.
I started hearing about people in Italy waving to each other on the balconies, happy to see each other, making music and singing together. People who are staying home are happy to finally see each other when they have been self-quarantining. Busy parents have time for their family, introverts get to charge energy (that’s me)…
We realise how many things we took for granted; the freedom we have or had of being outside, going to places, seeing our friends and family. Most aren’t even able to visit their parents or grandparents at the moment.
But I see people enjoying going for a walk, breathing fresh air and being creative how they can stay connected (FaceTime, calling, live streaming).

This is the time where we are able to focus on ourselves again. To slow down, read the books we bought a while back, learn a new language or skill, practice mindfulness, yoga, meditate, work on a business or project. And I encourage more people to do so instead of living in fear each day, watching the news and inhaling all the big numbers, trying to let time go by with entertainment only, buying unhealthy food in bulk (or all the toilet paper).

It may not only be a good time for selfceare but also a good time for our planet. Seems like our nature got to take a deeper breath, the water and air is cleaner simply because we are doing less, less consuming, buying, driving, producing. People in China finally got to see a blue sky!
My hopes are that the government will realize what we can do about our climate crisis, how to act immediately and takes steps and do something about environmental pollution and our health. We cannot wait until somebody takes action but it is in our hands as well. Mass-production for certain products started because there is a massive demand.

We do in fact have many problems in this world but it doesn’t mean that we should focus on the negativity. Great things happen when we act out of love, in gratitude, with good intentions and go for a positive vision. So I believe that anything bad that is happening is teaching us something, that we need to trust in the universe because everything will happen best case scenario.
That we take a step back and think about what we really want, how we wanna live and what really matters. Our health and real happiness are so important and are often ignored in this fast world. Stress is a very common disease that leads to many other diseases.

Also- almost a year ago I had a dream where people went crazy outside and I had to stay home and didn’t know where my parents are anymore so I planned to got to my family in Poland but had no clue how to leave because there was no electricity or internet anymore and some were fighting around grocery stores for food. This made me think that something crazy could happen and anything material that we posses would not have any worth anymore. Only your skill to leave and live in the nature. I felt like creating a “just in case” pantry and preparing a backpack with everything I need. Since then I took a bigger step in my minimalism journey but I will update you about that soon. So, see it could’ve affected us worse or in different words; be grateful for what you have, the running water, a warm bed, food and opened stores, the internet and the hygiene and the list goes on.

Something I thought about: When the end of the world was predicted to be in 2012 (the Maya calendar predicting a new consciousness and awakening) most people started thinking about life and death more, how we have a purpose on earth and this human life is limitless but our souls aren’t…

Be safe, stay mindful and take care during this time and when it’s “over”.


  1. Wow! Very powerful and beautiful post, I really love how everything you say in the post has to to with the general idea of one door closing, but another one opening. Everyday we come across problems, obstacles and most find another way and others don’t bother looking. A man loses his eyesight and becomes blind, but despite losing his ability to see anything at all.. he makes up for it with his other senses, thus, strengthening the other senses to make up for his sight. I’m sure many are familiar with the phrase, “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” People are embracing life more right now during the Virus crisis.. people are enjoying time with family, walks to the park, people are spending less, I finally see many kids walking around the neighborhoods with friends and having fun without a phone in their hands, many leaders are rising up for the cause, many people are taking vitamins and consuming more fruits and veggies, Let’s not forget that the planet is recovering in many ways.. it’s very unfortunate that we lost loved ones and may they rest in peace. Be safe everyone, remember to always look for that open door and run to it when one closes

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    1. very beautifully written… thank you for your comment and yes I see it the same way, I believe in positive changes for our world after corona. we really should use the time in the best way we can


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