Hey, welcome to my blog. I’m Victoria and I am creating the content for gold cinnamon.

gold cinnamon has been my instagram name for about a year and it represents the aesthetical part and beauty in little things and moments and my love for cinnamon of course. (If I could bake I would make a lot of cinnamon stars and create recipes for those.. maybe that will change..) and since I have always put it in my porridges, smoothies and so on this is the health part. I think my instagram feed matches that name pretty well, make sure to follow me on there as well if you haven’t. You can get updates about articles and more. PS: I don’t really use it as a private life sharing platform anymore, it is all about the topics I want to talk about.

This blog is about personal growth, mental and physical health, minimalism, sustainable living with less waste and spirituality. I have easy affordable vegan recipes for you and I’d like to go further into veganism. Explaining why I went vegan and how it influences our environment, health, mind and thoughts.

I can tell I am not exactly where I want to be but I’m still growing and I hope we can do that together, making some positive impact on our earth, live with love and compassion for every being and ourselves.